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Seriously So Blessed: June 15th & 16th Oh and My Birfday!

I'm not really sure what happened on the 14th?... Kinda weird, but we'll just skip that day. However, not because it wasn't an important day like Flag Day or Dwayne's birthday. I just really can't remember...

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Potty update. :) Big post coming soon when I'm feeling better from the flu.

Friday, March 11, 2011

You can thank me now.

I created this blog so that you will know when we update our private blog. Add this blog to your sidebar and whenever I post on the private blog, I will make a post here and when you check your blog, you will know when I've updated.

Hope this makes non private bloggers happy. Namely, my family who have non private blogs. ;)

By the way. My blog is updated.